the Dodge

This is my '68 Charger, which I purchased in Ohio in '96. It has gone under a 4 year restoration process, and finally it is ready now in 2001.

Vehicle history


Revision 1.0 - Restoration. Beginning may 1998, ending August 2001. Complete assembly before dealer inspection

Revision 1.1 - After failed inspection. Mechanical fixes: Transmission, front suspension, new starter. Revision 1.2 - Cooling system failure due to incorrect installation, repair. Spare tire, completed external trim. Revision 1.3 - ???? - Winter 2001, in storage. Soon to be ready Spring 2002... Revision 2.0 - Spring/Summer 2002 - Everything fixed!

Revision 3.0 - Destroyed the engine while racing Malcolm in his mean Firebird! Shes getting a complete rebuild...

Revision 4.0 - Spring 2004 - No F!!@%#N around! Performance mods....

Pictures of other Chargers

the Benz

This is my '92 S-Class Benz which I purchased from Downtown Mercedes in Feb '00. It was owned by Pierre Laison, one of Toronto's wealthiest businessmen. He owns a gold mining company in Arizona, and owned 6 such cars. He traded this one in for a '2000 model. The car phone even still has his name registered!

My Benz Pictures

the other Benz

This is my '97 E-Class Benz which I purchased from this snot nosed rich kid. It was originally owned by his father who then gave it to this bastard child. He neglected it to shit, never kept up on maintenance or repair. He traded it when he was finally ready to bail. The car has a DVD player, nice work asshole!

My other Benz Pictures

James on Homes

Make it right!

My Home Pictures

the Buick

This was my Mom's old 1985 305 Buick Regal. It had so many problems she was sick of it, and when the transmission died, she had enough and gave it to us to dispose of. But before we did, we had a little fun with it.

My Buick Pictures


Small snippets of some of our home videos.



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