James on Homes

First Showing

These are pictures from the first showing. Actually the second showing, I wasnt planning on looking or liking this house the first time I saw it, so I never braught a camera.

Home Inspection

Pictures from the home inspection, roof looks good, some water damage / mold in one of the beadrooms, windows are old and wooden, and some damage above the kitchen due to leaky shingle job.

Pre-closing Roof Inspection

Before closing, we needed to ensure there was no more damage to the house from the patched up roof. Turns out that everything needs to be replaced.

Renos Begin! - Roof Repair

The roof turned out to be increadibly huge and complicated. The back-split layout streches the house out and is actually closer to the size of two houses siamezed together. It took 8 solid days of blessedly sequential good weather and here is what we got :

The layout looks something like this :