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Schwinn Meridian DB-REVO Wheel


This Schwinn Meridian Trike has a DB-RevO power wheel installed in the front wheel, which makes this a great leisure ebike or grocery getter. The Schwinn is in nearly new condition, and the Db-RevO kit is new including its Li-Io 8Ah/28V battery pack. Front LCD display allows 3 selectable speed settings, and works purely from pedal assist sensors, and a wireless interface to the micro-controller.


- Burgundy Schwinn Meridian trike with aluminum alloy frame, 1-speed
- new Db-RevO power wheel kit, 24V motor, 3-speed setting, wireless interface, 8Ah/28V Li-Io battery, LCD display, PAS + charger
- 26"x1.75 tires
- Front V brakes, and rear drum brake
- Horn & rear-view mirror
- Large capacity rear basket
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Tue May 17 2022