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Retro Peugeot Road Bike


This is a retro ebike build combining styling and performance from the past and technology from the future! The bike is a vintage Peogeot Jasper, circa 1999, road bike, sporting cantilever brakes, 18-speeds, and pro-touring oval crank ring. The front wheel is a new DB-RevO power wheel, and has been modified with a bigger Li-Io battery pack to a huge 10Ah capacity! This front wheel kit eliminates the extra wires, and need for separate battery and controller by placing all these components inside the wheel, creating a simple clutter-free, elegant ebike conversion. This classic Peugeot is a great leisure ebike and centre piece. Front LCD display allows 3 selectable speed settings, and works purely from pedal assist sensors, and a wireless interface to the micro-controller.


- Vintage Peugeot Jasper Road bike, 18-speed, cantlever brakes
- New Db-RevO power wheel kit, 24V/250W motor, 3-speed setting, wireless interface, 10Ah/28V Li-Io battery, LCD display, PAS + charger
- 26"x1.5" tires




Wed Jun 08 2022