Restoration Page 2 : Dec 1998 - May 1999

A shot of the interior after I stripped it.

The left fender needed work.

So I stripped it to take a look. Someone rivited a pice of metal to it and slopped bondo all over.

Fabbed a piece while the fender was still on. The technique worked well.

Removed the fender and strengthened the frame

Fitted the piece with the body and welded it on.

Made a small patch for the bottom of the driver's door. Sanblasted the left part of the front chassis..

Replaced the old badly beaten rad support.

Sandlasted the inner fender and the front little bit there.

..and the fender.

Painted with POR15

Painted with POR15

Put the whole thing back together. Done.

The right side.

Ungodly amount of rust, crap, and mouse shit.

Cut out the rusted metal, sandblasted, and primed.

My uncle welding the new piece with the arc welder. You can even see sparks!

Right fender rotted too.

Another patch piece for the right fender.

Wedled the patch piece and removed all the tar.

The inner fender had a paper-wasp's nest and a couple mice tacked to it! Blew all that shit out.


Sandblasted. Boy that was a mistake.

Painted with POR15.