Restoration Page 3 : May 1999 - May 2000

Lifted the engine out.

Engine compartment minus engine.

Guess what! Rust on the shock towers. Nothing surprised me at this point...

Made a nice little patch panel. Welded.

Did both sides. And finished up with some body work.


..and primed. What a difference.

Started sanding the hood, blasted the inner frame.

And primed.

Removed the window. Charger rust around the corners. Made patch panels.

Sanded, and primed the floor.

Painted with this nice blue we had lying around. GM blue, i think.

Patched up the front valence thingy. Should really buy a new one.

Blasted under the doors, and undercoated and primed. Also replaced the door hinges (not shown here).

Took the axle to the shop and they took it apart and did stuff. Sandblasted it and other bits and pieces.

Painted with POR 15.

Reinstalled it.

And now the bodywork begins...

Started off by sandblasting the fender.

And stripping the paint off the car

keep stripping. Uncovered years of dents, door dings, and neglected surface rust.

and the rear.

Removed the original vinyl roof, and all the glue and shit underneath.

Began trying to fix all the damage that the sandblasting did. I didnt know it, but I was warping all the metal.

Even the oxy-acetyline warped the metal. This piece was hard to fix. Impossible to make it perfect, but it turned out OK.

The shit peices from Cross-Canada were not stamped right and resulted in to lining up with the door. So we had to recreate all the lines. Lots of bondo, unfortunately.

Found a great way to fix up the rear window. Put a layer of fiberglass down, then pressed in the window. When the fiberglass hardened, popped out the window, and voila, a perfect seal.

after the bodywork, I primed to verify that the bodywork was good. Most times it wasnt so I redid it.

The fenders came out REALLY well!