Mechanical fixes : Aug 2001

Finally the car is finished and one piece. I managed to make it around the block, but used a galloon of trans-fluid. This is the longest I ever drove the car!

Put on all the finishing trim.

Despite the doom and gloom I still had a party celebrating the car. This was the infamous and long-awaited "Rust Party". It was the first time I washed the car! Wierd feeling.

The car failed inspection because it needed 4-balljoints, and idler arm busing.

I made my own tools to remove and re-install the parts.

The old starter has seen better days, so I put in a new MP starter. The headers had to be modified to fit the new starter, and also fixed them so they would seal better and not blow gaskets.

Replaced the old transmission with a new one from SMR. Pricey but good.