Mechanical fixes : Sept 2001

With the new transmission, I was able to pick up some more speed on the road. Thats when the fan went. Apparently I installed the fan too close to the rad and it blew. Notice the split rad at the bottom and fractured fan.

Cleaned up the bay and installed a new fan and 1" spacer to replace the 2" spacer.

I wanted to install the spare on top the hump in the trunk, so I had to make a custom mounting frame. Here I am slicing a 1" bolt down the middle.

Baught a 14" spare.

This is a standard scissor jack, and I made a custom mounting bracket, and used chrome valve-cover spinners for easy dis-assembly.

Celebrated this revision by taking the car to work and lunching with collegues!

Me and the car.

Me and Dan and Tom.

Right outside work.