Fixes over winter : Oct 2001 - March 2002

The rumbling vibration felt on the highway was due to a warped driveshaft. This is a new custom built piece from Dynamic Shaft in Scarborough.
Unfortunately I dont have pictures of what else I did, but what happened was the vibration caused the rear tranny yoke seal to burst off. Along with spewing fluid over the highway, I deduced that the problem must be the shaftf. I vaguely remember the old tranny also being shot to hell, and just never paused to question why. Anyways, thats the culperite.
The warped driveshaft also killed the old diff bearings, so I had the dealer rebuild it. They also did a tune up and adjust the tranny throttle so it shifted nice. I think the previous owners were trying to drive this car into the ground.
With the rumbling problem solved, I tackled the overheating problem. I originally was going to build a fan shroud, but on second thought it was easier to bolt on an electric fan. I put on a 2100cfm 9A jobber, 17", using the existing wire I ran for a rainy day. I didnt want to bolt it directly to the rad. The instructions call for that, but I think thats stupid, so instead I welded, and bent some 1" flat stock into my own mounting bracket. The bracket also acts as a shroud, thus placing the rad flush against the rad without attaching to it. It works well.

With the fan in place, I needed to fix the tem guage which flaked out on occasion. I didnt want to buy a new guage 'cause it was expensive and besides, I wanna do the whol dash one day anyway,, so I set out for a cheapo solution. There was an instrument cluster in the garage from a 1985 Ford Econoline, and the instruments were a dead match! I couldnt believe it. So anyways, for anyone out there the instruments from a Ford Econoline are a direct replacement in size and funnctionality for a 68 Charger!
Also fixed the oil sensor. I found out that the Charger originally had a oil senser meter, not light. But the engine was from a new-yorker, so it had the oil sensor for the light. The local parts jobber obviously had no clue, so I blindly orderd a replacement for what I had. I only figured out later that the correct one was obviously different than the one I had. Anyways, it was an expensive lesson, but I figured that out.

Oh yeah, the alternator. The f!@#$en thing wasnt working. It was killing the battery slowly, thats why it was better some days than others, because of the self-refreshing ability of lead-acid batteries. Anyhow I had baught the self-exciting one which is crap. So I replaced it with the standard Delco DC-10, and just had to figure out how to hook it up. Anyways its easy so if anyone wants to know, write me.