Radiators, Radiators, Radiators...

Universal Rads

You're probably not going to be able to order a rad for your car from the local parts store, so what to do? New rads go for like $200, so why is it that Year-1 sells a copper rad for your car for $500, why the markup? The answer is because they want you to think that its rare. Truth is its no diffrent than any normal rad, you just gotta find out which one fits. So one day I went through the entire Modine application book and matched up as many 3-core rads as I could which fit the Mopar application, and here is what I found :

Rank Part# Width Application
1 581 26" 84-91 Grand Wagoneer
85-86 J10,J20 Pickup
80-83 Wagoneer
84-91 Cherokee
2 583 24.5" 73-83 Jeep CJ
82-83 Scrambler
3 441 24.5" 74-79 Cherokee
74-79 Wagoneer
4 579 ? 80-88 AMC Concord, Eagle, Spirit
5 444 ? 66-77 Ford F-series Pickup

I baught a #581 Modine Rad and it fits fine, just needed a little bracket fabrication :

The thing to watch out for is the bottom spout location, as it has to clear the K frame and come up to the water pump inlet. Its a tricky bend, the #581 rad has a bend in it which points up, making the connection easier. I had baught a few and picked the ones that fit best. Also the upper spout is either left or right location. The #581 has it on the right side of the car.


Hoses get a little tricky. Its hit or miss, take a few measurements and head up to the local parts store and try to pick one out.

For the Modine #581 rad i found :

If the upper spout is located on the left side of the car, the eqauivilant upper rad is

For the aluminum rad i now have, I found :

Aluminum Rad

Although the copper worked for me, It still got too hot for my liking, so I got a aluminum rad from Ebay. Its a chinese product, but it works great so far, and hoses + shipping, cost me $325 all in. Can't beat that deal. There was some fab work, but Be-Cool and Griffen want $800 + for their rads! Summit has a universal fit one for Mopar, but it looked cheesy, and I think the tanks are on the side, and has no tranny cooler, so screw it.

I dont have the ebay name, but the company who I got it from are called :

Kreative Customs
177 Collins Ln
London, KY

They are Mopar guys and the guy I talked to said he always uses this rad for his 440 B-Body customers. The Chinese part# is :

Heat Shroud

The Heat shroud that goes on the front of the rad is very important. Without it you dont force the flow through the rad, instead it gets it from the surrounding area which makes your only flow come from high speeds.

I got mine from Moparfest, a nice orginal uncracked piece that fits fine with the aluminum rad :