Chargerr - Ebikes


We rebuild and sell electric bikes

As with most electric vehicles, the batteries are the most expensive component. So when ebike batteries go bad, these batteries can be rebuilt if SLA or even lithium, or just upgraded to lithium, and can breath in new life.

If the frame, motor, and motor controller are fixable or in already good condition, these bikes are a great alternative to buying new, or simply a way to get into ebikes cost effectively.

We rebuild and sell electric scooters

Similarly with ebikes, escooters suffer from battery failure over time. Typically these batteries are SLA, and can be replaced or upgraded.

Typically more electronics are found on these vehicles, and also, have more heavy duty parts, brakes, shocks, etc, and require more work to maintain than ebikes.

We custom build and sell electric bikes

Most pedal bicycles can be converted to an ebike, which makes the options greater on what the final product can look like. Perhaps a retro vintage bike, or something that suits your needs more?

We try to ensure the bike, if vintage, at least has dual front/rear cantilever brakes. Although, it is possible for a rear foot brake + front electric wheel combination.

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